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Integrating Stored Value and Prepaid Gift Cards into Marketing Campaigns

“Big Win” Case Studies That Led to Tangible Results With the World’s Leading Brands

Determining the product to be promoted
Defining your audience
Developing the promotion

Establish a budget

Targeting your audience

Establishing the “call to action”

Determining the reason to take action

Selection of media (s) to be used

Creation of the official “opt-in”

Selecting the “carrot”

Delivering the “carrot”

Evaluating the promotion

Following up after the promotion

Marketing to the opt-in database

Promotions “A-G”:

Determining the promotion format that will work best:

The Gift with Purchase Promotion “A”

The Traffic Builder Promotion “B”

The Online Game and Sweepstakes Promotion “C”

The Social Network Promotion “D”

The Guerrilla Marketing Promotion “E”

The Promotion tied to an Event “F”

The Interactive Promotion “G”

Determining the Product to be Promoted:

Is it NEW?
Is it OLD?
Is it OLD with NEW Competition?
It is imperative that you have a reason to develop a promotion around a specific product, or line of products

Determining Your Audience:

What is your product's target audience?




Buying Habits

Best way to “find” them

Developing the Promotion:

Establish a Budget

How much can you spend on the promotion?

What are the components that will cost money?


“The Carrot”?





Establish Your “Call to Action”

What does the consumer need to do to earn the reward?

Test Something?

Sign up for something?

Buy something?

Determine the Reason for Them to Take Action

Do they need to visit a retail location in person?

Can they do what you need them to do using a phone, a computer or the mail?

Media Selection - What is the best way to reach your target audience?



Direct Mail


Developing the Opt-In for Future Marketing Promotions

Selecting the “Carrot”


Pre-Paid Cards

Open Loop

Closed Loop

Determine How the “Carrot” Will be Delivered



Via the Mail

Evaluating the Promotion

Did you drive traffic?

Did you build a future database?

Did you sell product?

Doing follow-up marketing to promotion participants that did not buy, but opted-in

Using the Guidelines Just Discussed:

Budget: We were using local marketing association budgets that were in addition to Chevy’s national budget to promote their “Truck Month” sales event.

Each area had their specific targets and “call to action” criteria

Each area used media specific to their audience, which included:

TV, Radio, Newspapers

Social Media, eMail and Direct Mail were used in the majority of programs nationwide. Far more often than TV, Radio and Newspaper

Case Studies:

Click button below to go to a Case Study.

Case Study “A”: Gift With Purchase Promotion
Case Study “B”: Traffic Builder Promotion
Case Study “C”: Online Promotion
Case Study “D”: The Social Network Promotion
Case Study “E”: Guerilla Marketing Promotion
Case Study “F”: Promotion Tied to an Event
Case Study “G”: Interactive Promotion

Case Study Wrap-up:

Regardless of which format you use in your promotion it is imperative that you:

Follow-up with the opt-ins that didn't buy

Evaluate the success / failure of the promotion

Did you use the correct media?

Was the “carrot” you selected a fit? Did it have a high enough perceived value to garner the call to action you were longing to achieve?

Did you meet your sales goals?

What will you do differently the next time?

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