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Case Study “G”

Interactive Promotion

Promotion Area: Bay Area in Northern CA, specifically the San Francisco and Oakland Chevy LMA

Products Promoted: The entire vehicle Chevy line-up

Media: TV, specifically customers of Comcast Cable

The “carrot”: $50.00 VIISA Reward Card

The opt-in: Chevrolet purchased TV spots that requested viewers to sign-up for a Test Drive using their remote control. Once they opted-in for the Test Drive Comcast captured their name, address, email, phone Number, and other information and forwarded it to us. We then scheduled a test drive at the Chevy dealership closest to their home. They then were sent a notification Letter telling them the date of their test drive.

Included in their notification letter was an “inactive” $50.00 VISA Reward Card. They were told to bring the Reward card with them to the test drive. They would receive an activation code once they completed their test drive.

Much to our surprise we sent out over 1,000 notifications the first day. We needed to quickly produce more reward cards if we were going to meet the demand we expected over the weekend.

Traffic was brisk at the dealerships for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was that we had a couple thousand people with a pre-paid card in their hands that they couldn’t use without taking a test drive. Needless to say, Chevy was very happy because they know that the odds of them selling a vehicle goes up dramatically if they can get people’s butts on the seat of a car.

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