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PMG delivers award-winning customer services and speed of fulfillment, promotional support, customization opportunities and motivational appeal of our product line. Our branded programs are designed for a client’s specific needs, enabling competitive differentiation while increasing client satisfaction. Our people, products and services help clients achieve critical strategic objectives ranging from incentivizing their employees and customers, to retention, to progress measurement.


SmartRide® is an alternative transportation program that has provided solutions to companies like yours since 1990. Whether it is carpooling, public transportation, biking and / or walking, we have an environmentally friendly solution to engage your employees.
SmartRide® is available in both a paper-based as well as an online solution:
• SmartRide® is customizable to meet your specific needs
• The online version of SmartRide®, which includes SmarTrakker™, provides a simple solution to administer, track activity by employee, maintain individual point banks, maintain your company's rewards portal and allow for point redemptions and reporting

SmartRide® Reward Options Include:

• More than 100 gift card options, such as:
• Open Loop Card Solutions from Visa, MasterCard and American Express
• Brand name Products
• Products branded specifically to your company

Because of high gas prices, our rush hour roads more congested than ever and your employee parking requirements escalating, SmartRide® is the solution your need. Give us a call and together we can help clean the air and engage employees with a simple tsolution, SmartRide®

For more information on how SmartRide PMG® can work for your company:

Call Toll-Free: 888.476.4411
Email: info-smartride@patriotllc.com


SmartMoves® is a simple-to-administer suite of employee incentive-driven wellness and healthy-living programs:
• Weight Loss Programs
• Exercise Programs
• Smoking Cessation
• Off-site Health Club Participation Programs
• Smart Patient Medical Treatment Programs
• Smart Patient Disease Prevention Programs
• Smart Diet Nutritional Programs
• Walking Programs
• In-house Yoga/Pilates Programs

SmartMoves® will:
• Instill employee responsibility for their personal wellness
• Increase employee loyalty and morale
• Enhance employee productivity
• Instill a "team" attitude in the workplace


It's a protven fact that companies who recognize employees are able to:
• Retain their employees for longer periods of time
• Attract better qualified candidates for open positions
• Enjoy a well-balanced work environment
• Have a better community image as an employer

Our program will allow you to choose employee recognition programs that acknowledge both
on spot performance and long-term efforts. Our programs include:
• Instant recognition
• Safety
• Wellness
• Attendance/on-time
• Length of service
• Suggestion
• Employee referral

Your company can implement any of the Catch Me Doing Something Right! program options as a single program or in combination with the others. Additionally, PMG offers a myriad of award solutions and logo merchandise to augment your recognition program:
• Gift cards
• Brand name merchandise
• Visa , MasterCard and Discover

PMG also offers a line of logo merchandise that will augment your recognition program. Each product is co-branded with your Company logo and the phrase, "I got caught doing something right!"

The Rationale

It is a time- and instance-proven fact that employees work harder and stay longer at jobs where they are recognized for their dedication and hard work. And one of the best ways for you, as an employer, to do so is a Length of Service program like our Milestones™ Program.

The benefits to you include:
• Employee dedication
• Employee loyalty
• Employee satisfaction
• Employee longevity
• Employee referrals
• Tax benefits

The benefits to your employees include:
• Recognition for hard work and dedication
• An enjoyable work place environment
• Rewards for longevity

How the Milestones™ Program Works:
1. A database of all Company employees, their employment start date, social security number, employee ID#, if not already created, is built to drive the trigger mechanism for the Milestones™ program.

2. You, the Company, determine at what levels of longevity rewards will be issued to employees. For example, 5-year increments (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, etc.). However, we also recommend a small reward at the 1st Anniversary. The recognition award at the first anniversary will deliver a message to your employees that you care that they are a part of your TEAM. It will also serve as the motivation to reach the next level of longevity recognition.

3. At the employee anniversary date a letter from your Company President (Chairman, CEO, etc.) to the employee will be automatically generated to recognize their accomplishment and to let them know their reward options. A sample of a letter is included within this document.

4. Employees will then select the award option of their choice from the value level they have achieved. Award options should never be"cash" as cash is considered compensation and not recognition.


Foot Locker Gift Cards are redeemable at more than 2,000 locations nationwide at more than 150 locations throughout Canada.

• Foot Locker
• Lady Foot Locker
• Kids Foot Locker
• Champs Sports

Redeemable online and in our catalogs too!
• No Expiration Date
• No Dormancy Fees
• Foot Locker Gift Cards are a "Top Performer" in every promotion and incentive awards program opportunity

Foot Locker Gift Cards are available in both traditional plastic and a virtual eCard format, whichever fits your program needs best.

For more information on how Foot Locker Gift Cards can work for your company:

Call Toll-Free: 800.690.5996
Email: giftcards@footlockergiftcard.com

Our extensive automotive experience across a myriad of brands allows us to develop programs that will deliver the traffic you need to drive the sales you are looking to achieve. We have experience delivering sales generating solutions at the national level as well as at individual dealerships, dealership groups and auto malls. With experience working for more than 12 brands, their agencies and even direct with the manufacturer, we can show you how to get things done.

In an effort to deliver customer solutions to automobile customers, we have developed program management, administration, tracking and fulfillment programs to simplify the process. We can show you how Test Driver™ can do it all for you too.

For more information on how AutoDealerInTouch can work for your company:

Call Toll-Free: 888.476.4411
Email: rewards@autodealerintouch.com

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