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SmartRide® is the “smart choice” now more than ever!

SmartRide® is an alternative transportation program that has provided solutions to companies like yours since 1990. Whether it is carpooling, public transportation, biking and / or walking, we have an environmentally friendly solution to engage your employees.
SmartRide® is available in both a paper-based as well as an online solution:

SmartRide® is customizable to meet your specific needs

The online version of SmartRide®, which includes SmarTrakker™, provides a simple solution to administer, track activity by employee, maintain individual point banks, maintain your company’s rewards portal and allow for point redemptions and reporting

SmartRide® Reward Options Include:

More than 100 gift card options, such as:

Open Loop Card Solutions from Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Brand name Products

Products branded specifically to your company

Because of high gas prices, our rush hour roads more congested than ever and your employee parking requirements escalating, SmartRide® is the solution your need.

Give us a call and together we can help clean the air and engage employees with a simple solution, SmartRide®

For more information on how SmartRide PMG® can work for your company:
Call Toll-Free:   888.476.4411
Email:                info-smartride@patriotllc.com
Website:           WWW.PMG-SMARTRIDE.COM

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