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Branded Programs

A suite of recognition programs by pmg:

It's a proven fact that companies who recognize employees are able to:

Retain their employees for longer periods of time

Attract better qualified candidates for open positions

Enjoy a well-balanced work environment

Have a better community image as an employer

Our program will allow you to choose employee recognition programs that acknowledge both on spot performance and long-term efforts. Our programs include:

Instant recognition




Length of service


Employee referral

Your company can implement any of the Catch Me Doing Something Right! program options as a single program or in combination with the others.
Additionally, PMG offers a myriad of award solutions and logo merchandise to augment your recognition program:

Gift cards

Brand name merchandise

Visa , MasterCard and Discover

PMG also offers a line of logo merchandise that will augment your recognition program. Each product is co-branded with your Company logo and the phrase, “I got caught doing something right!”

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